Custom Work

We love what we do. Everytime we build a custom piece of artwork there is a moment of awe where we all stop what we are doing and break away to view the piece. Some of our Augusta golf photos can also be cropped differently for a custom size print.  

Our abilities to produce such a piece all begin with a space. Traditionally, a designer finds a piece or two, buys them for a certain spot in an office or home, hangs them and that's it. We have the capability to do much more. Our method of printing to perfection doesn't even require us visiting the location.  Contact us to learn more about that so that we can give you instructions.  Please note that o
ur custom work has minimal $250 order requirement.

We do not paper the backs of our images of our gallery wrapped images. The allows us to place the wire inside the internal frame and forces the image to hang flush to the wall

The prints on this site are printed by us, in Augusta, Georgia. Our quality is not duplicated from another print. Our Augusta golf photos are scanned and printed from the original negatives, which we own. Our frames are hand assembled and the canvases are hand stretched. We also hand coat every stretched image with an industrial UV protector to add even more protection.